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Cheap Drugstore Hack

I was recently asked to give my favorite drugstore hack for an article. It took me a bit to answer the request because although I pride myself in being cost conscious, I won't sacrifice the quality or purity of the products I use. Other than aspirin, dental floss or band aids I rarely purchase any beauty products from the drugstore!

Being well versed in reading ingredient labels, I find that most drugstore products contain a lot of fillers and cheap ingredients that most people would not want to put on their skin. I certainly wouldn't!

Your skin is your largest organ! What you put on your skin, gets into your system. This is why I am so meticulous about carrying the purest products at A'PROPOS. I do however, have a few great beauty hacks to share with you!

Here is the skinny on an environmentally friendly, low-cost alternative to dry shampoo. For the days in between washing your hair, this works great. In addition to absorbing moisture on the skin and having a light powdery scent, cornstarch (talc free) baby powder is great as a dry shampoo — better for the environment (no aerosols) and much more economical! If needed, a quick blast with the blow dryer removes any white powdery look, even from dark hair.

The above brand can be found at Walgreens for $5.49!

Stay tuned for more great beauty tips and hacks to come!

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